Joe Cryan is hoping to represent New Jersey's 20th district, covering Roselle, Union, Elizabeth and Hillside. As the current Union County Sheriff and former LD20 Assemblyman, Joe Cryan has a true understanding of the issues that are most important to the residents of this district.

“I believe in the importance of public service and the positive impact government can have on the day-to-day lives of those we are elected to represent. I intend to campaign hard, walking door to door to find out what we can do better to help restore confidence in our government and to let people know that, if elected, the hard-working middle class taxpayers in our district will have me as their voice in the State Senate.”
— Joe Cryan

Photo Gallery: Senator Booker Endorses Cryan for State Senate

Senator Cory Booker Endorses Joe Cryan For State Senate- February 6, 2017

Photo Gallery: SEIU Endorses Cryan for State Senate